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Advanced ZnO products

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Catalyco is the European producer of high purity, high surface area zinc oxides for applications in tire and rubber, ceramics, glass and cosmetics industries.

Our production method is developed from more than 30 years’ experience in catalyst production.


Based on more than 30 years of research and development, our scientists have developed an environmentally friendly, proven method to produce extra high surface area ZnO, with unique structure and significantly reduced cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn) and sodium (Na) impurities. Our proprietary production method does not require nitrates or chlorides, eliminating the need to wash out these contaminants and saving large amounts of water in the process.

Using our higher performing zinc oxides, customers benefit by using less of this valuable resource, reducing manufacturing costs, improving the environmental footprint of their products and business.

Target applications: 

  • Activators for sulphur vulcanization in the tire and rubber industry

  • Adsorbents of sulfur-containing compounds in various processes (including petrochemical processes)

  • UV blocking agents as a mineral ingredient for cosmetic products


Catalyco's purpose is to develop a sustainable, local, supply of industrial materials for Europe, starting with zinc oxides, reducing environmental footprint through material recovery and commercialization of deep-technology.


We are a team of keen deep-tech commercialization entrepreneurs and experienced scientists supported by an excellent advisory board with a lifetime of experience in the chemical industry and catalyst production.


We are actively searching for:

  • tire and rubber partners seeking to reduce their environmental and carbon footprint, using less materials and developing the next generation of high efficiency tires

  • cosmetics partners seeking to improve their formulations, using less, but higher quality, mineral ingredients

Academic and industry partners interested in running test programs and evaluate the applications are welcome to contact us.

Catalyco is also raising a Seed Round investment to finalize market-ready products and prepare for industrial-scale production.

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Please forward all sales inquiries and questions to us through the contact information below.


3 Uriekstes street
Riga, LV-1005

+371 29266199

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