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Catalyco is a producer of high surface area zinc oxides for applications in the tire and rubber industry, ceramics and glass industry and chemical industry. We offer a unique product with extra high surface area and lower impurities comparing to other producers. The production method is based on 30 years’ experience in catalyst production.



Based on 30+ years of research and development our scientists have developed an environmentally friendly, proven technology to produce extra high surface area ZnO, with unique structure and significantly reduced impurities of Cd, Cu, Mn, Na. Our unique precipitation method does not use nitrates or chlorides, this prevents the presence of these impurities and the need for using significant amounts of wastewater to wash them. 

The value proposition. Our customers can benefit from the use of our high surface area ZnO by reducing ZnO consumption and respectively reducing manufacturing costs and improving the environmental footprint of their products.

Our first target applications are: 

o Activator for Sulphur vulcanization in tire and rubber products;

o Adsorbents of sulfur-containing compounds in various processes (including petrochemical processes).

The R&D team is working on the implementation of this know-how also on other active substances in catalysts and absorbents.


The mission of Catalyco is to introduce to the industry more efficient ZnO products that will allow saving natural resources, improve the environmental footprint, and change the industry towards sustainability.


We are a team of keen entrepreneurs and experienced scientists supported by an excellent advisory team, experts with a lifetime experience in the chemical industry and catalyst production and experts in the commercialization of chemistry innovations.


We are searching for partners to change the tire and rubber industry and the chemical industry towards sustainability! 

We are looking for academic and industry partners to run test programs and evaluate the applications for our products.

Looking for investment to finalize market-ready products and prepare for industrial-scale production.

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